Our Range of Services

Our Range of Services

The specific role we play throughout your initiative will depend entirely on the needs of your business. At a high level, our support services fall into three categories: TRAINING: Our training services focus on teaching clients how to use the process improvement methodologies. In most cases, training is conducted on-site, in a classroom format. During sessions, we encourage clients to work on real projects (versus simply gaining the theoretical knowledge for future application). Still, when we provide purely training services, our consultants do not become intimately involved with the project work. We teach the skills and allow the client to handle the application of those skills.

TRAINING: Training services are most appropriate for organizations that have already developed internal expertise that can guide newly trained employees. Training on its own, without hands-on guidance from an experienced mentor, will not normally enable an individual to effectively apply the Lean Six Sigma methods.

COACHING: Coaching services are usually delivered in conjunction with training services. Most organizations we work with are interested in both developing self-sufficiency in the methodologies we teach and applying those methodologies to generate the greatest return possible. These skill sets are complex. As such, it can be difficult for employees to internalize and successfully/efficiently apply the tools after completing just a single training session. Therefore, to maximize the knowledge transfer and project results, most clients engage us to play a mentoring role beyond the formal training. In these cases, we serve as project coach, meeting with project leaders and team members periodically to answer questions, assist with tools and analytics and drive results in a hands-on fashion.

As noted in the explanation of our training services, having experienced coaches guide your efforts can make the difference between project (and initiative) success and failure. Coaching services are appropriate for organizations that have significant resources available to dedicate to the initiative, but need just a little extra “hand-holding” as the efforts begin to take root.

CONSULTING: Our consulting services are our most integrated service offering. With these services, our consultants act as members of the clients’ team. This entails significant on-site presence and can include having dedicated onsite workspace.

Consulting services are appropriate for organizations that have identified immediate and important improvement opportunities and simply do not have the resources available to dedicate to the effort. In these situations, our consultants roll up their sleeves and get to work.