Our Approach

From transforming culture to improving performance, Centre for Performance Transformation offers a comprehensive array of services to help organizations target, lead and execute successful process and people transformation initiatives.

We’ve enabled clients to:

  • Cut costs and speed output in activities from marketing to manufacturing
  • Integrate acquisitions and launch new strategic initiatives
  • Strengthen customer connections and raise service to new levels
  • Build cross-functional teamwork and align conflicting/redundant initiatives
  • Establish effective business measures and performance management systems
  • Boost quality, eliminate defects and improve reliability
  • Increase the impact and speed of launching new IT solutions
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement from leadership to the front line

In Asia, our team of consultants has:

    • Over 75 years of cumulative experience gained in leading companies in leading in consulting, training and coaching.
    • Diverse range of industry experiences including manufacturing, supply chain management and information technology
    • 6 different languages abilities, including Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai

Our Approach to Process Transformation

We prefer to position Lean & Six Sigma as a system for improved management and performance based on four key themes:

    • Customer Focus – The essence of Lean & Six Sigma is to develop an understanding of what customers really want and need, and measuring business performance against those requirements. This includes understanding the differing needs of customers like distributors and agents, as well as final end-users of your products.
    • Process Management – Processes are the critical vehicle by which value is provided to customers. For example, while committed employees are key to assembling a product/service, even the best employee will be inefficient if the processes they rely on are not well designed or managed.
    • Facts, Measures and Data – The goal of Lean & Six Sigma is to base decisions and solutions on facts and to develop systems for tracking key performance indicators that provide accurate, real-time feedback—so employees, leaders and managers can take action promptly and effectively in the face of opportunities or problems.
    • Boundaryless Collaboration – We’ve borrowed the term “boundaryless” from GE, which has worked hard to permit a flow of ideas and information across organizational lines. In the context of Lean & Six Sigma, this kind of teamwork is critical to tearing down barriers and aligning goals and measures so that the entire organization works in harmony to deliver a great product and a positive customer experience.