Team Building

Land-Based Outdoor Challenges

The Laser Tag Battle Challenge ***

Centre for Performance Transformation have taken the hi-tech gadgetry of laser tag and given it the adrenaline rush and mission specific game play in an outdoor environment. Our latest range of equipment comes with RF capability that adds a new dimension to Laser Combat Battle.

The Outdoor Laser Tag Combat Battle Challenge is played, on specific mission-based role-play scenarios. Players are placed on combat teams and assigned specific functions, duties, and roles as they battle each other. The challenge requires team to be able to exercise strategic approach to battlefields’ scenarios and the ability of team to exercise inter-personal relationship skills.

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The Intermediate Rope Course And Ultimate Leap Of Faith *****

Our 10-element rope challenge is designed to be traversed as a team.

Help one another to navigate the course and overcome your fears. Then take your courage up another notch with our double Leap Of Faith. You and your buddy stand on a seesaw platform and must launch off at the same time to prevent the platform from tipping over. Experience what it means to face your fears, conquer the elements and win as a team!

The Sports Day *****

Our Sports Day Challenge is for large groups looking for a great day out. Rope course, laser tag, giant foosball, banana boat… let us design a full day sports program that will have your organization zipping, kicking and zapping its way into a bonded team!

The Trebuchet Challenge **

The Trebuchet is a medieval weapon used to launch large projectiles. Design, procure and build your way to a team that listens to the voice of the customer, practices service excellence and builds quality into all that they do.

The Amazing Race Series

The Amazing Race@ Pulau Ubin ***

The Amazing Race @ Pulau Ubin by the Center for Performance Transformation (CPT) is an incredible team building activity used to highlight various individual and team traits that exist within an organization. We design and execute the corporate Amazing Race that blends themes of competition and collaboration delivering high impact and fun filled moments throughout the programme.

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The Goose Chase Urban Race ***

Amazing Race goes high tech! The Urban Race pits teams in a race around the urban landscape of Singapore. Teams will locate checkpoints based on clues, snap a photo of the location and complete a task, at before they can move on. Checkpoints for the race can be planned thematically; we have checkpoints for best local food in Singapore, historical trail and others. Let us know your passion, and we will customize the Urban Race for your team.

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The Food Hunt Race

At Centre for Performance Transformation, we love to eat and talk about food during our leisure; therefore we have our favorite places to go to satisfy our craving. We have put together the Urban Amazing Race Food Hunt based on the theme of Singapore ‘s 4 major racial groups.

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The Sea-based Outdoors Challenge

Sailing ***

Our premier challenge for leaders, the Sailing Challenge puts you at the helm of a 6-man sailboat. Man the winch, handle a line, share risk taking, and build a team capable of adapting and succeeding in an ever-changing business environment. No prior experience needed, but daring and a sense of adventure are a must!

The Water Rafting Challenge© *****

The Water Rafting Challenge© is a fun-filled competitive event that challenges teams to exercise their creativity, innovation skills and team-work to earn enough money to buy resources and build a water raft. Teams, comprising not more than 12 participants will be formed to compete in this challenge.

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The Kayaking Expedition ****

We are getting you ready for an expedition. The one-day Kayaking Expedition team program draws on the joy of learning together through sports in the area of inter-personal relationship in teams. Kayakers learn not only to care for themselves, but that of the other team members. It is in learning together that members build bond for each other and form a commitment to support each other in their expedition.

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The Stand-up Paddling Challenge ****

Stand-up paddling is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. This ancient sport of paddle surfing is re-introduced to the modern water sports world. Its ease of learning is key to its popularity, with beginners becoming comfortable in as little as an hour of training. Individual will have to decide if he/she wants to learn this sport and be prepared to mentally for failure in their first few attempts, picking themselves up on the board again, every time they fall.

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The Island Escape *****

Red Alert!! Island Seasports is infected with a deadly virus. The world tried to help, but it seem that they were not able to find the antidote to combat the outbreak. In order to contain the spread of this virus, a decision was made to destroy Island Seasports. At this moment, Naval battleships are deployed and all communication ceased.

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The Food Challenges

The Ice-cream making Challenge *

Ever wondered what goes into making ice cream taste so good? Sorbets and Sherbets got you all confused? Centre For Performance Transformation’s Ice Cream Challenge will demystify it all in a fun-filled day!

This session is designed for participants to build team cohesion as they engage in a morning of experiential activities to build teamwork, communication and trust.

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The Pizza Challenge *

Be amazed at what you can create with your bare hands! Be a true blue New York pizza chef for a day; The Pizza Challenge is a fun filled day where participants will exercise creativity and teamwork through activities to win enough ingredients to make a pizza from scratch!

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Team Indoors Challenges

The Golfing Challenge *

The golfing challenge is a great activity for groups of all ages and physical abilities. Teams will participate in activities to earn credits and buy materials for their golf course. Creativity and a healthy dose of imagination are needed to design and construct a challenging course.

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The Domino Challenge *

Bringing groups together, the Domino Challenge aim to harness the energy of individual group to come together to build a domino design based on the theme agreed upon by each group. Every group will be assigned a part of the design and an area to construct their portion of the dominoes. Each of the design is linked together to form the “big picture” that portrays the team effort. The Domino Challenge comes in 3 phases

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The Settlers Challenge *

The Settlers Challenge is a board game played by 4-6 players per board. The board game was produced in Germany.

The Scenario
Teams are stranded in the island and in order for them to survive, will need to build settlements. In order for the settlements to be built, teams will need to “harvest” resources in the form of wheat, sheep, bricks, ore and woods. The resources are used to exchange for settlements or road. The first team to be able to build ten settlements in each board wins.

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Ukulele Rhythm Musical Challenge *

Anyone Can Play
Centre for Performance Transformation presents our Ukulele Rhythm Workshop that will have you playing songs in less than 3 hours. Play the world’s friendliest musical instrument no matter what your musical background. You and your team will be jamming popular sing-a-long tunes by the time the workshop is over. This will also set you on a course towards learning other of your favorite repertoire with a minimum guidance.

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