Our Approach

Our Approach to People Transformation

Centre for Performance Transformation adopt the socio-technical system approach in building high performance work team. We believe in the following:

1. Our Definition of High Performance Work Team
a. Interdependence – People working together to produce a product or services
b. Customer Focus – They are focusing on meeting or exceeding customers’ expectation
c. Alignment toward Common Goals – They have a clear understanding of their mission, roles, measurers and operating guidelines
d. Teamwork Skills – They demonstrate a high level of trust and interdependence skills that results in effective teamwork
e. Continuous improvement Mindset – They seek continuous improvement by monitoring their performance, setting goals, analyzing their processes identifying and solving problem on a regular basis
f. Empowered Workforce – They are empowered to plan, control, co-ordinate and improve their work.

Our Approach to engaging our clients begins with:


We aim for inclusion of every participant in our sessions. We prefer to work on a ratio of 1 facilitator to 15 participants for maximum inclusion and participation.


Our session employs many accelerated learning techniques and experiential exercises designed to move teams to a unique sensitivity and comfort in working together. We adopted David Kolb (1985) Experiential Learning approach, focusing on four key learning cycle of:
1. Experiencing the activity
2. Reflect on the activity
3. Generalize Learning
4. Apply learning
Debrief in every activity will highlight critical skills for working together.