People Transformation

Our Approach to People Transformation

Centre for Performance Transformation adopt the socio-technical system approach in building high performance work team. We believe in the following:

1. Our Definition of High Performance Work Team
a. Interdependence – People working together to produce a product or services
b. Customer Focus – They are focusing on meeting or exceeding customers’ expectation
c. Alignment toward Common Goals – They have a clear understanding of their mission, roles, measurers and operating guidelines
d. Teamwork Skills – They demonstrate a high level of trust and interdependence skills that results in effective teamwork
e. Continuous improvement Mindset – They seek continuous improvement by monitoring their performance, setting goals, analyzing their processes identifying and solving problem on a regular basis
f. Empowered Workforce – They are empowered to plan, control, co-ordinate and improve their work.

Our Approach to engaging our clients begins with:


We aim for inclusion of every participant in our sessions. We prefer to work on a ratio of 1 facilitator to 15 participants for maximum inclusion and participation.


Our session employs many accelerated learning techniques and experiential exercises designed to move teams to a unique sensitivity and comfort in working together. We adopted David Kolb (1985) Experiential Learning approach, focusing on four key learning cycle of:
1. Experiencing the activity
2. Reflect on the activity
3. Generalize Learning
4. Apply learning
Debrief in every activity will highlight critical skills for working together.


Centre for Performance Transformation has put together a variety of challenges and activities that can be mixed and matched into 0.5 day, 1 day or 2 days teambuilding workshop in consultation with our clients. Centre for Performance Transformation believe that teambuilding is used by the organization as an intervention strategy to build high performance team. The suggested challenges and activities are written in a generic manner. We will be able to customize the challenges and activities to provide a specified program to cater to differing needs in the organization.