The Food Hunt Race

At Centre for Performance Transformation, we love to eat and talk about food during our leisure; therefore we have our favorite places to go to satisfy our craving. We have put together the Urban Amazing Race Food Hunt based on the theme of Singapore ‘s 4 major racial groups.

 In this race, teams will have to work on the constraint on time and budget. Teams are given clues to 4 checkpoints to sample some of the best food from Singapore multicultural heritage. With a limited budget, team will have to purchase a sample of fixed menu of dishes that represent the best of what each place has to offer. The race is not just about food; challenges are established across all 4 checkpoints. These challenges could be in the form of quizzes about the history of the food, or hawker stall to guessing the ingredients that are being used. All these must be done with 180 minutes.

The Amazing Race Food Hunt definitely bring people together as members get into dialogue on a common Singapore past-time about food. Such conversation would usually break down “wall” to bring members to a higher level of communication, collaboration and trust.

At the end of the Amazing Race, teams will recount their adventures by presenting the highlights of their learning experience. The Amazing Race is a great team bonding experience that provides competition, learning and most of all, FUN.