Facilitation Skills

This workshop is organized to give participants opportunity to practices facilitating team meeting and problem-solving session to achieve maximum involvement as well as results. Facilitation is about getting people to sense their involvements are valued, thus creating support and ownership of groups in meeting outcome.

The objectives of the workshop is to
1. Provide participants with an appreciation of the facilitator roles
2. Provide participants to assess their current comfort level as facilitators through the skills profile
3. Equip participants to be able to plan, facilitate and bring closure to meetings and its deliverables
4. Equip participants with basic tools of facilitation

The learning outcomes from the workshop include:
1. Participant understand the role they play as process facilitator in meeting
2. Participants are able to plan for meeting. This include:

  • Contracting with sponsors
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Setting meeting ground-rules
  • Develop observation skills to observe meeting pattern
  • Intervention skills to guide team to achieving results
  • Teaching and applying the facilitator toolkits
  • Bringing closure to actions The workshop contents include the following:
  • The Role of Facilitation
  • Content vs. Process Facilitation
  • Power Tools of Facilitator
  • Power of Questioning
  • Power of Observation
  • Power of Intervention
  • Skill Practice – Contracting with Sponsor
  • Facilitating Team Development
  • Recognize roles people play in Team
  • Power Tools for Problem-solving and Decision-making