Self Leadership Discovery Journey

Building credibility is key for employees in any organization. Adopting the principle of personal mastery, the first day of the induction program aim to cultivate conscious awareness of self. This session will bring members out of their comfort zone and challenge individual to “stretch” beyond into the “unknown potential”, with the understanding that this discovery journey would require not just individual effort of self-disclosure, but that also of the team effort to continuously provide feedback and coaching to sharpen each other towards developing to their fullest potential.

The desired outcome of the program is to provide participants with the ability to:

  • Be aware of individual personal mastery and using the knowledge to build relationship with others in the team
  • Recognize personal values and align it to organizational values
  • Journeying to develop personal mastery and resilience in taking new challenges.

The main modules include the following:
1. Personal Mastery: Recognize Personal Values
2. Mental Model and its impact on building relationships.
3. Mental Resilience and its impact on being Mission focused